Sharif I. Carter

Engineer | Artist | Road Racer


"It's Gonna Rain When You Die"

Mississippi Flush: Diamond Assassin


That leaves you in a class with SCRUBS, never rising..

Mississippi Flush: No Scrubs


Life is not about winning.. "Life is a beautiful struggle."



Baily's Old Town Studio. Painting that shit live.

Mississippi Flush: @mrs_wonderwoman

photo cred: Justin Gummow Photography


Studio 1. Tattoo artist wannabe

Royal Flush Spade on chest


Royal Flush Gang

Continuing the Phthalo Blue and Alizarin Crimson Legacy


Studio 1. Diamond in the back

Royal Flush: Rihanna


Royal Flush Gang

Hairdrezzers on Fire! - San Diego CA


Mississippi Flush

Inspired by Icons


When They Don't Listen.. just play

Jimi's Hand


Graphite Sketch

On Maple Wood Panel.


Live @ Baily's

Old Town Temecula CA


What is Mississippi Flush?

The playing cards don't mean shit. They represent my frustration in life and ignorance to follow rules that do not make practical sense to my mind as an engineer.

Royal Flush Gang

Inspired by the animated series Batman Beyond


Wiens Family Cellars

Featured Label Artist since 2008.


"The Third"

Opague Watercolor on Wood Panel.

24 x 48 inches.


Graphite Sketch.

Fluidity and Flamboyance.


Live Paint. Bar Basic San Diego.



Opague Watercolor on Wood Panel.

24 x 48 inches.

  Sharif Carter - Burnin  

Sketch on Wood.

Movement and Feeling.


Live Paint.

Bar Basic. San Diego.


Signed & Framed.


Silencioso Guitarra

Wanted. Dead or Alive.


Live Paint.

Star Theatre - Oceanside, CA.


'Muerto'    'Ven Aca'    'Asesino'

Opague Watercolor on Wood Panel.

24 x 48 inches.


Live Paint.

Bar Basic. San Diego.


'Queria'  'Viento'  'Muerte'

Opague Watercolor on Wood Panel.

24 x 48 inches.


Mississippi Flush

Art inspired by Icons and

a window into my soul.


Say Hello

They want to meet you.


Wipe that smirk off yo' face

This ain't no joke.


Day of The Dead.



That's How We Roll.

Sincerely, Nurse Joker.


Drawlloween Challenge

A few of my favorites from #mabsdrawlloweenclub


Day 31: Tim Burton Tribute

Jackskellington, Batman, Mad Hatter, and Edward Scissorhands.


Day 29: Broom Stick

The witch and I heading off on vacation.


Day 28: Villain

Anton Chigurh | No Country for Old Men.


Day 25: Black Cat

Marvel's The Black Cat of course.


Day 23: Coffin

Rollin in my six fo'


Day 21: Grumpy Owl

Owl with the side eye.


Day 17: Clown

Misty Copeland ballerina clown.


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